Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Check Those Ancestry Leaves

I love

Why the love?

Well, there are times when I need a little leaf. It amazes me how many people have connected to my husband's family tree through this process. I recommend checking all leads. You need all the ancestors to accurately line up within your tree.

Recently, I thought that I had broken through a brick wall within the Gragg/Gregg line. Once I checked the facts, I discovered that the discovery was incorrect. Dates did not add up. Unfortunately, some people don't research thoroughly. On a positive note, I have narrowed my geographic research area down considerably.

As much as I want this wall to come crashing down, I want it done with all the documents in place.

So, when following that leaf, don't celebrate and walk away. Dig a little further. Make sure dates, cities and other important facts match and mesh. Only then can you smile and shout with joy.


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