Sunday, December 14, 2008

Three Wishes for Genea-Santa

This post is for the 62nd edition of the COG.

I actually had to dwell on this for a bit and I just didn't want to fabricate a story about my family. So, I have finally come up with my three wishes for Genea-Santa. I hope he can deliver. However, according to my children, I might have been a little too bad for these gifts! LOL

So, here are my three wishes to Genea-Santa. If not this year, maybe I can receive them at some point in my lifetime. What a celebration I will have if any of these wishes are ever granted.

  1. Great grandma Mary Clune's vase. She donated two vases to Clouna Church in Co. Clare, Ireland. I overheard my grandmother asking her sister Bridget for one of them on one of our visits. Bridget denied this request. I'm sure that she didn't understand that grandma just wanted something of her mothers.

  2. Grandma Julia Degnan's opal ring. Heck, who wouldn't want a pretty ring? It is my birthstone. I'm not sure where this ring is within the family right now but I would love to receive this gift someday.

  3. Grandpa Leo Degnan's photo collection. The man snapped photos of everyone and everything. To me, his attic is an undiscovered treasure trove of ancestors. Perhaps at some point I will receive this collection. I'm praying that they don't get destroyed. I wouldn't even mind if they were green bagged and sent to me.

  4. Grandpa Michael Finnegan's blackthorn shillelagh. Alright, I'm risking it with Genea-Santa asking for a fourth gift. I've never asked about this. I'm wondering where it is right now. I'm sure my mom must have it. My dad and I got it for my grandfather on one of our trips to Ireland. Grandpa had a bad hip and wanted a blackthorn shillelagh. It's a beauty too.
Merry Christmas to my fellow Genea-Bloggers!

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