Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Writing Wednesday and a Challenge

I'm creating 'Writing Wednesday' here at my blog. I hope to share a writing tip, story or such on Wednesday's each week.

This Wednesday I'm sharing an abbreviation. Do you know what the abbreviation for 'treasurer' is?

I'm usually tops at these English questions but this one made me pause. I actually had to think about it. Why? It simply doesn't look right when written.


Now, for the challenge I mentioned above. is challenging everyone to name all their sixteen great great grandparents along with any interesting uncovered stories. What do you win if you can name all of them? You will win a free 12-month Explorer subscription.

They’ll pick a winner every month in their newsletter.

Email them at with the subject line ‘Great Great Grandparents’ and include your username so they can check your growing tree on Family Tree Explorer.

Don't have a tree listed over there? This is a great reason to jump on over and get the tree online.

Best wishes to all that enter. If you need help researching those great great grandparents, remember that I'm only an email away.

Colleen, CMJ Office

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