Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ages of Death

This may seem a little morbid. It is a question that I'm asked often by my parents.

What were the ages of our ancestors at death?

So, I thought it would make for a good blog post.

I'll do my paternal side first starting with my grandparents and working back through history.

Leo Degnan was 79
Julia Bench Degnan was 67
Peter Degnan was 56 (cause was an accidental drowning not natural death)
Lillian Brown Degnan was 85
Alfred Bench was 73
Margaret Donahue Maher Bench was 62
Patrick Degnan was 55
Margaret Galvin Degnan was 70
William Brown was 50
Janetta Taylor Brown was at least 73 (do not have death cert. yet)
George Bench was 53
Julia Sherwood Bench was at least 66 (do not have death cert. yet)
John Donahue (unknown - Ireland)
Unknown wife (unknown - Ireland)
Philip Taylor was 82
Mary Armstrong Taylor was 71
Elizabeth Martin Sherwood was 71
George Bench was 65
Caroline Baker Bench was 58

I do have names for the next generation minus the Donahue's but only from death/naturalization/and marriage certificates. Their birth and death dates, for the most part, are unknown. If I do uncover any new information on those that are unknown or last known alive dates, I will update.

I will post my maternal side in a separate blog post.

Colleen Degnan Johnson

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