Thursday, January 22, 2009

Donahue Photo Request

I just tasked my uncle with a photo search. Poor guy.

My family tree looks pretty good right now and I started placing pictures where they belonged. I just love adding faces to names. My husband's family wins the award for pictures though.

Unfortunately for my family, grandpa Degnan didn't write any names on the back of his numerous photos. Numerous is a huge understatement. The man missed his calling as a photographer. You never saw him anywhere without a camera in hand. Polaroid should have hired him.

My uncle sent several family pictures that he got out of the attic to me several months ago. All but one were identifiable. After examining the one unidentifiable picture, I do believe it must be my great grandfather, Peter Frederick Degnan. There are similar facial features that I've picked up on while viewing it.

This leaves only one great grandparent faceless. It's my paternal great grandmother, Margaret Donahue Maher Bench. I'm not sure if there is a picture floating around of this woman but I'm hoping. I don't know how long my grandfather courted my grandmother but they were wed the same year as Margaret's death. Margaret died in May 1935 MA and my grandparents were wed in August 1935 MA.

I'd love to put a face to her. I have to be patient and wait a couple of weeks. My uncle has a bad knee at the moment and asked for some healing time before venturing up to the attic. Of course, I'm just tickled that he's going to try and find this picture for me.

Colleen Degnan Johnson, CMJ Office

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