Friday, January 2, 2009

A Super Excited Wish and Ireland

I am so excited. My parents received a trip to Ireland for a gift from one of my sisters. WOW!

Why does this excite me?

I have two reasons.

1. My mom has never been to Ireland. She's a 100% Irish and an Irish citizen through birth. Her mom was born and raised there and her father was raised there. So, I am truly excited for her to see and experience the beauty of Ireland.

2. Genealogy!!!! Oh boy, do I have places that I want mom and dad to get to, take pictures of, and hopefully get some more info for the family tree.

My wish is half fulfilled already. My mom asked where the family cemetery is in County Clare. Yippee! Can anyone believe that I've never been to it? In fact, I opted out when my grandmother took me to Ireland. I stayed in the field to help with the hay while she walked up to the cemetery. Why? Well, at the time I was young and cemeteries creeped me out. Now I have a shot of some great photos.

The other part of this wish is for my parents to get up into County Longford to discover any links to our Degnan ancestors. I have the ship record and naturalization papers for Patrick Degnan from County Longford. I don't have any other information about him. His parents were Patrick Degnan and Mary Riley. The Tithe records show that there were Degnan's in the northern part of County Longford. I'm really wishing upon a star that my parents can do some quick investigative work while they are there.

Either way, I'm very happy that they are going. My dad was only there once in 1981 and that was waaaaaay before I had all his family information. He's going back knowing his ancestors names and where to find them. My mom is getting to see the land where her mom was from and both parents grew up in. She's already met some of her cousins when they came to America in 1996, 1999 and in April 2001. Now she will get to meet them all and see the house where her mom was born.

Of course there is only one problem, my mom will have to survive the plane!!!! LOL

She hates flying and that's a long flight for mom. Maybe she can shop on the plane. It may just save her if she can shop.

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Taneya said...

what a wonderful opportunity for your mom to go back and see more of her homeland. very exciting indeed.


Greetings Colleen,
WOW! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Can't wait to hear all about it when they get back.

Lisa said...

Very exciting, Colleen! Keep us posted.

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