Friday, May 22, 2009

Germany's Remains

My great uncle, William Degnan, served in WWII. This photo is a recent discovery for me.
He sent some pictures home to his older brother, my grandfather, from Germany after the fighting was over.
As you can see, he wrote notes around the edge of the photo. From the left, he states the he is in the photo (next to second column from the left in a shadow). You can barely make him out.
His next statement is: "This picture gives you some idea of what Germany looks like now."
Doesn't look like we left much standing over there. What a mess!
To all those that served and are serving, thank you and Happy Memorial Day!!! Let's not forget them and their families.
Colleen Degnan Johnson

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Judith Richards Shubert said...

Thank you for remembering your uncle's service and sharing this photo with us. I appreciate your reminding us of those who gave so much for freedom.