Thursday, June 11, 2009

1911 UK Census Info

I am sooo far behind with my blogging. Here is some info that I just received from the 1911 UK Census Team from their newsletter.

All Welsh counties now available.

We are pleased to announce that all 13 Welsh counties are now available on


These records contain a total of over 2.4 million individuals, and over a million households.

Search for your Welsh ancestors on the 1911 census now

As the 1911 census is the first where household schedules were preserved, you will find that some of the census returns are printed and completed entirely in Welsh, while some are written in a mixture of Welsh and English. To help those who are not native Welsh speakers, we have added a site section of useful tips, and have provided translation tables to help you translate the most common Welsh census terms into English.

The tips will also help you narrow down your search results if you happen to have an ancestor with one of the most frequently occuring names, such as Jones or Evans, or one who worked in one of the dominant industries such as farming or coal mining.

Our profound thanks to Geoff Riggs and the members of the Association of Family History Societies of Wales who have supplied the Welsh translations. We are very grateful for their time and effort, and are sure that users of the site will benefit greatly.

Good luck with your Welsh research.

I hope this new info helps all those researching their past in Wales.

Colleen Degnan Johnson
CMJ Office
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