Monday, August 31, 2009

Finegan and Larkin Discovery

I've been away from my genealogy research this summer establishing my face painting business, Fantasy Face Painting. It's taking off but I recently felt that old tug. So, I got down to business and started to look at my family chart once again.

I decided to concentrate on Patrick Finegan, my maternal great grandfather. From his wedding and death records, I know the names of his parents (Peter Finegan and Mary Boyle). One thing to keep in mind, is that the name keeps flip flopping in records from Finegan to Finnegan.

About a year or so ago, I did uncover Patrick Finegan's ship record. Within this record, I gained 2 gold nuggets. One was his origin (Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Ireland) and the other was a sibling (his sister, Mary Finegan). Until the ship record, I didn't know either fact. I didn't know of any siblings.

My quest was to find out more regarding Patrick's sister, Mary Finegan. A very interesting quest indeed.

Come to find out, Ms. Mary Finegan decided to marry her sister-in laws' elder brother. Not just any sister-in law. She married the brother of Patrick's wife, Margaret Larkin Finegan! Can you believe that I didn't know this gem? So, Patrick's sister, Mary Finegan, married Margaret Larkin Finegan's brother, Michael Larkin. Are you confused? LOL

They also lived within spitting distance of my great grandparents and their children were the same ages of my grandfather and his siblings. So, where did they go? They didn't go anywhere. They all lived and worked in RI. There must have been a fight somewhere along the line because none of us know them. They would be/and are my mother's second cousins. For heavens sake, I know my second cousins and they live an ocean away still in Ireland.

Well, I'm just happy to have uncovered a missing part of the family for now. I don't have all the facts but I do have some.

Michael Larkin born Jan. 3, 1884, Co. Longford, Ireland (haven't found death record yet)
Mary Finegan Larkin born Sep. 24, 1884, Co. Monaghan, Ireland and died Apr. 1974, Prov., RI

John F. Larkin born 1911, RI
Mary T. Larkin born 1913, RI
Rosella H. Larkin born 1915, RI
Harold J. Larkin born 1917, RI
Michael T. Larkin born 1919, RI died prior to 1930
Thomas J. Larkin born 1921, RI
Raymond P. Larkin born 1923, RI
Vincent P. Larkin born 1925, RI

I'll keep looking and see if I can't find more about this family.

Colleen Degnan Johnson